Friday, April 2, 2010

Day Five and Rockin' It

So five full days and I am kicking this challenge's trash.  Yesterday I had chicken salad, low carb tortilla chips and hummus, and meatball pesto.  I have no cravings.  I never really realized how hungry I'm NOT during the day.  I always assumed I was just famished, but really it was a horrible taste in my mouth - now easily remedied with 45 varieties of gum.

One thing I'm NOT doing well on is SLEEP.  I've been going to bed at 2am and waking up at 7am.  SO BAD FOR ME!!!!!!  It's showing all over my face and body too, because while I've lost 3.5lbs so far (again, prolly still water weight) I am breaking out, my skin isn't all resilient, bags under my eyes, foggy headed - just all around NOT good. 

I'm going out of town this weekend - let's see how successful my diet will be during SPECIAL EVENTS <------not good at that.  LOL!


  1. See,...I've actually been getting more sleep. Usually I would stay up till 3 or sometimes 4 and then back up at 8...and all week, I've managed to be in bed by 11ish and up at 8 or so (with exception of my very long sleep in day the other day)...and surprisingly, my face is clear! So, maybe that does have something to do with it??? Normally I look like a teenager in heat. SUCKS. I also think all the water I've been pumping through my body has helped clear it up. who knows. But I just drank I fear I will be up late tonight. Unless I crash hard. ugh.

    HAVE FUN THIS WEEKEND....and secretly I want you to eat all the bad things - but as a supporter - I want you to do great and watch what you eat! you can do it! :)

  2. congrats on your progress! do you mind telling me how tall you are because i didn't see that in your stats.

  3. Great job! I find when I start drinking water consistantly and the amount I should, I always breakout! It's one way some of us detox! Have you ever had a body wrap? (they wrap you real tight with ace wraps and put mineral fluid all over you and you move and push out a bunch of can loose inches. It's very relaxing and your skin feels so soft afterwards) Anyways, the lady that works there said that if someone eats alot of chips like Dorritos or eats a lot of fast food, you can smell it coming from them as their body is detoxing through the process. It's crazy what your body stores

  4. Great start! Rooting for you all the way. Hope you survived the weekend.