Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Finally!!!!! Broke 180!

Well...here is is...what like...week 6? I've lost track!  Things have been going REALLY well in the "workout" department.  I exercise daily and it's just a habit now.

On the other hand, emotional issues take a toll on the whole "diet" thing.  I don't need to explain that part I'm sure, LOL!  I haven't been eating low carb, but I haven't been eating much in general thanks to the Lap-Band.  So maybe that's why I haven't really seen the reprocussions of my shrimp tacos at Chili's, or loaded fried potatoes from Taco Bell. 

But the GOOD news is - I FINALLY broke 180!  That has truly been a personal goal because I think the last time I was under 180lbs was in like...fifth grade.  LOL...

Also, for the first time in YEARS I had a perfectly normal cycle!  CRAZY!  I started my period on April 2nd, then just started again May 3rd.  That's the closest I've had to a normal cycle in years too.

There ARE two things I HATE about gettin' skinnier though.  1) Clothes not fitting. I have some cute ones dangit. 2) LOOSE SKIN.  I HATE IT!  That is all.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Day 10 - The Importance of Core & Cardio

Ten days.  Seriously?  It has gone by SO fast.  Here we are into the second week and I'm down 5 pounds! Woot!  I had to share a landmark moment with ya'll.  I've beat my BEST MILE TIME!!!!!  The best time I've gotten up to this point was 13:09.  Which ...well...isn't that good.  I suppose I could throw out the "short legs" excuse considering I am full on SPRINTING at 6.0 MPH.  I got a 12:09!!!  It was pretty hard...not gonna lie. Probably shouldn't strain that hard next time.  LOL.

I just wanted to share a little tidbit of advice that I learned from my Lap-Band doctor, my nutritionist, and personal trainer. (Which I don't have anymore, but used to.)

CORE and CARDIO are the most important workouts you can do. 

CARDIO obviously because it burns fat.  Medium to higher intensity for longer periods of time.  Steady.  Not exhaustive 15 minute sessions.  30 minute sessions where your heart rate is 130-150.

CORE because it's....well...your core.  It's responsible for your posture, your digestion, your heart, lungs,....all the important functioning aspects of your body are contained in the center - where your efforts should be focused. 

This doesn't mean you want a 12 pack though right?  So let me tell ya this - LEG LIFTS WILL SAVE YOU!  My doctor says it's the MAIN strength training exercise I should do.  It builds muscle in a place where you won't get bulky, therefore it helps you burn more fat in your cardio workouts. DID YOU KNOW:  Doing sit ups won't make your tummy smaller.  Doing push ups won't make your arms smaller.  When you do cardio, your body burns fat from your entire body - not just where you do the most strength training.

So here's my routine:

1.  Lay flat on back with legs straight.
2.  Form a "triangle" with hands under tailbone.
3.  With legs together, lift both into the air and lower until they are 3-5 inches above the ground. 
4.  Lift again and repeat.

I do 3 sets of 12 reps each.  Then keep going until I can't go anymore! 

Friday, April 2, 2010

Day Five and Rockin' It

So five full days and I am kicking this challenge's trash.  Yesterday I had chicken salad, low carb tortilla chips and hummus, and meatball pesto.  I have no cravings.  I never really realized how hungry I'm NOT during the day.  I always assumed I was just famished, but really it was a horrible taste in my mouth - now easily remedied with 45 varieties of gum.

One thing I'm NOT doing well on is SLEEP.  I've been going to bed at 2am and waking up at 7am.  SO BAD FOR ME!!!!!!  It's showing all over my face and body too, because while I've lost 3.5lbs so far (again, prolly still water weight) I am breaking out, my skin isn't all resilient, bags under my eyes, foggy headed - just all around NOT good. 

I'm going out of town this weekend - let's see how successful my diet will be during SPECIAL EVENTS <------not good at that.  LOL!

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Day 2 & 3 Food Log Samples and Thoughts

So here it is...day three....and I haven't been doing that bad.  In fact...I haven't even cheated ONCE!

Well, it depends on what you count as "cheating."

Atkin's "induction" is pretty strict.  I think it doesn't let you have fake sugar, caffeine, etc...etc...  I have had ANY soda so far, and I plan to keep it that way.  So far just water!  I'm not goin' crazy yet.  But mostly if it's low carb, I'll eat it! LOL!  I'm only getting in under 1000 calories per day, so I need to bump that up a little if I'm working out. (Or maybe I shouldn't .....hmmm...I AM in it to win it.)  That's it. Nothing but laxatives and water for 8 weeks. 

Day 2 Food Log
Breakfast: SF chocolate pudding
Lunch: 6 hot wings
Dinner: 5 meatballs wrapped in a low carb tortilla. (yeah what? I don't freaking know.)
1 sugar free toffee square

Day 3 Food Log
Breakfast: Skipped
Lunch: Crab salad (1/2 cup) and an iced grande cafe americano. shhh
Dinner (plan): Cooked Broccoli, tuna salad.

I haven't had any cravings so far!  Probably because I've been sugar-freeing it up too much.  I haven't had an actual VEGETABLE in awhile.  Maybe I'll have that for dinner.

I tried a "Hip Hop" class last night, and while it was FUN I didn't get in the "zone" like I can with my own music on the treadmill.  But I DO like that it keeps my heart rate higher and steady for a longer period of time, versus a really high heart rate for only 30 minutes or so. 

I got all excited when I weighed in at 187.2 yesterday.  Today I was 188.0.  GAH!  I heard that people who weigh themselves EVERY day tend to keep better track of their weight, which I believe.  But if it psyches you out, then don't.  Honestly, it doesn't psych me out at all, I'm just being dramatic and funny.  It doesn't phase me in the least bit because I know that it varies 1-2 pounds daily.  At the close of the week I'll take it seriously!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Day 1 - Food Log

This might be weird and boring, but I'm doing it anyway. LOL!

Breakfast - handful of peanuts.

Lunch - Caesar Salad from Wendy's from which I ate all the chicken and some of the lettuce.

Snack - peanuts.

Dinner - 3 scrambled eggs with tbsp butter/sour cream.

Dessert - Sugar free pudding cup.

Sugar free things aren't actually on the "induction" part of the Atkin's diet.  Meh.

Day 1 - What Did I Forget?

Today's weight: 189.4

So I'm completely PUMPED about this challenge!  Excited, nervous, happy, and yes...HUNGRY.  But why, oh why, should I be hungry?


I am the biggest loser ever, and not in the good way.  My "old self" would always forget breakfast and binge at lunch and dinner.  So I wanted to have a boiled egg on hand...or SOMETHING...ANYTHING!  But I don't.  I ate a handful of peanuts.  It's just not cutting it.  *sigh*

My plan for lunch is...a can of tuna with some steamed veggies.  Oh joy!!!  Only two weeks of "induction" to kick start my weight loss, then I can start incorporating MORE foods.  Until then...meat and veggies.