Monday, March 29, 2010

Day 1 - What Did I Forget?

Today's weight: 189.4

So I'm completely PUMPED about this challenge!  Excited, nervous, happy, and yes...HUNGRY.  But why, oh why, should I be hungry?


I am the biggest loser ever, and not in the good way.  My "old self" would always forget breakfast and binge at lunch and dinner.  So I wanted to have a boiled egg on hand...or SOMETHING...ANYTHING!  But I don't.  I ate a handful of peanuts.  It's just not cutting it.  *sigh*

My plan for lunch is...a can of tuna with some steamed veggies.  Oh joy!!!  Only two weeks of "induction" to kick start my weight loss, then I can start incorporating MORE foods.  Until then...meat and veggies.


  1. I usually forget breakfast too. Well, it's sorta fuzzy for me, since I work from home and keep odd hours.

    I have boiled up a whole carton of eggs before (marking the carton that they were!) so they would be ready to go.

    Good luck. I admit, I tried the South Beach Diet (similar) and only lasted a day and a half. You're tougher than me :)

  2. Nessa -'s ok. I can't belive I've made it this far (day 2)...

    I think this whole "being public" thing is really making me not cheat. Ha!

    Also...I boil eggs too! I'm just too busy.lazy